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We are at your disposal 24h/7. We can help you solve your problems and repair the fans, both of our production or delivered by other vendors. Thanks to modern tools and experienced staff we can solve a complicated problem in a short time; we can also deliver a start-up service

Our service package:

  • technical support,
  • starting-up,
  • repairs,
  • noise and vibration testing,
  • balance of the closed fan's impellers with transportable Schenck equipment,
  • installation,
  • standard technical survey:
  • the insulation resistance and the power consumption measurement during running,
  • seal and housing, electrical and mechanical connections and ventilation ducts control,
  • control of the impeller and blades,
  • control of the working bearings noise level,

(scope of the work - according to agreements).

Do not hesitate to contact us.
Contact: serwis@bluevent.com.pl